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We are excited to share some new resources developed to standardize the assessment of physical activity and sitting time in the workplace.  Employer ...

We are excited to share some new resources developed to standardize the assessment of physical activity and sitting time in the workplace. 

Employers have a role in increasing physical activity

The 2018 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans reaffirm how important it is for everyone in the United States to move more and sit less at work and at home. The simple act of moving more and sitting less can save lives! 

Employers are key stakeholders in inspiring a physically active nation. We are committed to helping them on this journey. Employers can serve as catalysts for disseminating and reinforcing the major recommendations in the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, as they are at the nexus of workplace, community, and health-care delivery. The Guidelines convey the tremendous health impact of physical activity on brain health, managing and reducing chronic disease, reducing depression and anxiety, managing weight, reducing hypertension, and many other areas of health and wellness. Helping employees move more is a great way to help control rapidly increasing health-care costs, raise labor productivity and output, and improve mental health and well-being.

New resources available

The Physical Activity Alliance and the Physical Activity Policy Research and Evaluation Network, along with numerous key stakeholders in the workplace sector, developed these resources to summarize standardized criteria for physical activity, physical fitness, and sedentary behavior. The intent is for employers, vendors, and stakeholders to implement these measures so that we can evaluate outcomes, benchmark effectively, and develop individually tailored, evidence-based programming, using consistent, validated measures. If these measures are implemented, we have an opportunity to assess and promote physical activity in an environment where most adults spend a majority of their time.

Our infographic and table of standardized measures of physical activity are now accessible here, on the Physical Activity Alliance website.

To facilitate the process of sharing these resources through social media, we developed a social media press kit.

Expert consensus

These standards were developed through expert consensus, with a goal of improving workplace health through increased movement. We hope that employers will consider integrating these standards into their workplace health promotion efforts.

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